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Who We Are

LifeGuard is the Character and Human Sexuality Education program of The Source.

LifeGuard is apolitical and provides Austin area teens with medically accurate information and factual data about the risks, potential consequences and options regarding sexual activity. Our curriculum incorporates facts with practical tools to help teens build healthy relationships and make informed decisions through high school, and fully experience the benefits of saving sex for marriage.

Our professionally trained educators provide an engaging presentation that appeals to teens and addresses relevant topics of sex, sexually transmitted diseases as well as tools for healthy relationships. Our program is a sexual risk avoidance program that provides tools to help students avoid the risks involved with sexual activity prior to marriage.

Our program also offers a parent workshop to helping parents keep current with teen attitudes toward sex while providing tips and talking points to reinforce a healthy teen lifestyle. The LifeGuard program is free to schools and tailored to address middle and high school students at their respective maturity levels.

 A Letter from Our Team  

Welcome to
Our site is a great way for you to learn more about LifeGuard and our sexual risk avoidance approach to sex education.
Our research of Austin-area teens and parents helps guide us in developing our web content, classroom curriculum and parent workshops that are relevant and realistic in terms of today’s attitudes and perceptions surrounding teen sexual activity.
We want this website to be a regular visit for you as you browse the internet. Our effort is to always maintain current information that is medically accurate and credible, based on reliable research. If you find conflicting information elsewhere, please let us know. We always welcome the dialogue in an effort to help teens rely on the facts as they seek answers to questions about sex. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions that we can answer about our program.
LifeGuard Team
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