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LifeGuard offers a range of services that can be provided individually or collectively to meet your specific needs. However, we see the highest rate of success when all of our services are implemented collectively.

Classroom Presentations


The classroom curriculum is an abstinence-based, comprehensive sex education program – abstinence-based because abstinence is the only 100% safe lifestyle; and comprehensive because we cover all aspects of teen sexual health, including sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, contraceptives, boundaries in dating and relationship building skills. Our approach has an emphasis on character and healthy relationship development.

Our curriculum is presented by college educated professionally trained speakers. Our educators have a passion for assisting teens in realizing their greatest potential. Teachers and coaches have found that having a new face in the classroom presenting this material is highly effective. Over the course of the LifeGuard presentation, our educators develop relationships and trust with the teens resulting in a confidential atmosphere where sincere and personal questions can be answered. This is critical for teens because their exposure to sex is high but their actual comprehension of that exposure is quite low. We fill in the blanks!

For High School presentations, the full curriculum is 4.5 hours long and is best split up over three days in 1.5 hour segments.  For Middle School presentations, the full curriculum is 4 hours long and is best split up over four days in 1 hour segments.  However, we recognize that school schedules vary greatly, and we will gladly work to accommodate any special needs.  Click here to schedule a presentation.

Parent Workshops

LifeGuard offers Parent Workshops to every school that we serve. This is an important program that is often overlooked but can have a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the presentation. Teens are still listing their parents as their number one source of accurate and honest sexual information. While that might be surprising and encouraging, studies show that teens say that their parents never talk to them about sex. At the same time, parents do not believe that their teens care about what they have to say and think they talk too much about sex. Our Parent Workshop is designed to inform parents about what LifeGuard is teaching their students and equip parents to initiate conversation with their teens. There are many controversial but critical topics revolving around sex and how much teens really need to know. The Parent Workshop is designed to educate parents on controversial sexual topics in order to empower parents to educate their teens. This is our approach to a truly comprehensive sex education.

Continuing Education for School Nurses

LifeGuard is certified to provide continuing nursing education credits to school nurses and coaches. Any district that chooses to implement LifeGuard has the option of including this program. Keeping school district nurses up-to-date on STD facts and sexual exposure statistics is critical. Our approach is to offer this credited class around the same time the curriculum is being presented to students. Therefore, nurses are informed about what the students are learning and are prepared for an influx of sex-related questions.

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