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 Parents: the biggest influence 

Parents make a difference.  Though teens are influenced by their peers, parents are reported as the most influential source when it comes to teens decisions about sex.

There are many sexual influences in a teen’s world. Sexual imagery enters a person’s life at a much earlier age and a much faster rate than ever before. It is very difficult to protect children from exposure to sexual innuendos and imagery until a parent thinks their child is ready for “the talk.” Experts agree that today’s culture has surpassed the effectiveness of having one big talk about sex with kids, but instead parents must engage in a continual conversation as their children develop and grow in this fast-paced and often sex-saturated world.

Talking to your child about sex can be challenging and uncomfortable. But it can also open doors of confidence for your child that you may never have experienced in your own adolescence. Austin LifeGuard exists to serve as a resource for you as you take on the most important role in developing your child’s sexual character. Be confident! Your teen is listening and learning from you - even if they won’t admit it!

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